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Image Reference Number: UR59_61_04M
Title: Furniture Union Records September 1960
Date: 1959-1961
Decade: 1960-1969
Description: Monthly Minutes from the National Union of Furniture Trade Operatives. These minutes are taken on 23rd September 1960. Reference to High Wycombe page 4 (o), High Wycombe page 5 (v).
Notes: The HWeFA does not hold a complete record of the N.A.F.T.A. and N.U.F.T.O. minutes. The HWeFA has recorded a full set of minutes for every year that is held in the collection, plus other relevant pages of the minutes.
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Collection Title: HWeFA
Object Type: report page
Object Dimensions (cm.): 19x32
Colour Type: black and white
Context: Bound volume
Cataloguer: Sharon Grover
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Categories: Written or Corporate Records/ Union Records, Furniture Industry Records/ 1950 - 1959, Furniture Industry Records/ 1960 - 1969